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Little Rascals

So, I’m watching the little rascals now… Does anyone remember the boat scene in the beginning of the movie with Alfalfa amd Darla? Where she pushes back Alfalfa’s hair… Then they kiss and that one piece springs back up… What exactly is that suppossed to symbolize?…… That seems pretty suggestive if you ask me…




For real! How come Mulan is the only one with realistic hair! How does Cinderella get her hair up so perfectly like that! And Belle, how does she keep that bun thing at the top of her head??? She only uses a ribbon! And Pocahontas…. Don’t get me started! How does her hair always fly so perfectly in the wind? When I’m out in the wind, I look like the freakin Lion King! And does her hair ever get knotty? Because I strongly doubt she owns a brush…

Thanks Walt Disney for giving me unrealistic expectations!